Stethoscope | Network analyzer Stethoscope | NetworkAnalytics – Средства контроля сетевой активности.
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Stethoscope works in real time

Real-time operation

Retrospective analysis of network traffic supplemented with possibility of real-time analysis of accumulated data.

Stethoscope writes whole network traffic

Whole traffic recording

Saving the whole network traffic to discs with possibility of export and user‑friendly configuration of the storage interval

Stethoscope indexes whole network traffic

Indexation and classification of traffic

Indexation and classification of traffic using different parameters such addresses, protocols, content, etc.

Stethoscope analyzes network statistics

Analysis of network statistics

User-friendly tools for analyzing statistics of recorded network traffic.

Stethoscope uses geolocation


High-quality identification of geographic locations of internet addresses.

Stethoscope contains a flexible reporting system

Flexible reporting system

Illustrative visualization system with numerous reports.

Network Analyzer Versions

Stethoscope Free

Fully functional operating version of the program for personal use solving basic problems of control and analysis of network activity.

Stethoscope Enterprise

Solution for major and average enterprises with tasks of controlling, analysis and storage of large network traffic volumes.